Venus atmosphere with more N2 than Earth in quantity + Troposphere excessive CO2 Sandaeropiped to mesosphere reversing heat trapping to shielding + CO2 Solasered to liberate O2 = Air. Laserpipe-Sandaeropipe over dense atmosphere, moving CO2 to outer space planetary transportation as to Mars to reduce temperature on Venus; Mobile Aero city at dark side of Venus; Mirrors at the bright side send energy and light to the dark side; Thermal energy is captured from the surface; Sulfuric acid clouds converted to Water and sulfur; CO2 converted with light/laser and water to hydrocarbon bio-fuel, carbon graphene and/or Oxygen; Extract N2 (+O2 for air), H2 for buoyancy/fuel/energy; VOLCANO self containment, extinction build-up, with encircling channeling, with top unobstructed multi directional exit, can rise as high as 55km to build lower temperature mountain-sky cities, as 11 km Venus Mount Maxwell, as 21 km Mars Mount Olympus. On Earth volcano lava flow management can build mountains and islands as Mount Fuji or Hawaii Islands. Venus/Earth volcano management for mining, geothermal energy, building mountains/islands, controlling flow of lava and gases. Volcano eruption occurs from explosion by absence of depressurizing lava/gas/air pockets piping/channels/tunnels. Sandaeropipe laser piping (circular vertical laser formation) above volcano can contain explosions/gases creating low/high atmosphere heat flow/exchange/condensation.

Apply to buy/sell shares

Globolsa-Globocean Enterprises

Escrow account to acquire collateral asset

Gcity and AeroPark-Bridge
Globolsa G$1Billion Equity Line, currency ballast enterprise shares w/ asset collateral;
Globocean Citizen Shareholders Seed G$/US$/Euro Investment;
Citizenship-shareholding Gcity application with:
G$/US$1 for 1 one way seat crossing ticket
G$/US$10 for 1 one way cabin crossing ticket
G$/US$100 for 1% deposit for 25m2 Residential-Commercial Unit
G$/US$1000 for 1% deposit for 100m2 Residential-Commercial Unit
G$/US$1111 for total package including title ID/passport of Founding-Citizen
JOIN Gcity: APPLY at globolsa (at) globolsa (dot) com
SANDAEROPARK - BRIDGE - H2/H20 Sandaeroblocks
SANDAQUASHIP - CARGO - Under Bridge High-Way Hook/Crain Port/Train
SANDAERONET - ENERGY - Solar-Wind-Wave Generation
Venus Green Global Incubator University Campus
Green AeroPark
H2 + H2O AeroBlocks
Solar-Wind-Wave Energy
Start-Up Art-Tech-Hub
Under-Above Water Units
Green Cities
Mesclinics w/ Mesbanks w/ IUI
Individual Universal Immunotherapy
SANDAQUASHIP - ISLAND - Anchored Sandaeroblocks
Theme Park
Venus Dark-Light Line
Atmospheric Floating City
55 km altitude
27 Celsius
Earth Gravity
Ven Gcity
Solaser Solar Mirror/Lens Laser Network can transmit Venus bright side excess energy to Dark side and Mars, atmospheric bright side cooling and dark side lighting.
Low cost teleport cargo and Humans to/from Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus by Laser/Gaser sending information to 3D copy/avatar/clone Printer/Assembly Incubator.
Max Gcity
Venus Mount Maxwell 11 Km
Lava/Modular build-up
Tether/elevator to Atmo/Geo City
55 km altitude/27 Celsius
Earth Gravity
Venus Solaser Solar Mirror-Satellite shield at La Grange Point 1.
Mobile Aerocities at Earth-like temperature-gravity 55km altitude.
Because Venus atmosphere is 90 times ticker than Earth, 3% Nitrogen is similar volume of Nitrogen and 0.002% vapor is half volume of Earth. There is probably water in underground rocks released as vapor with volcanos, combining with SO2 sulfur dioxide to form sulfuric acid H2SO4 from which water can be retrieved, plus oxygen from excessive CO2.
Horizon near dark-light slow moving day-night line mobile aerocities, recycling/cooling low/high/low atmosphere circulation, CO2 to C (graphene aeroblock building) + O2, O2+N2 for Air, Vapor H2O condensing, H2+O2 photoelectrolysis, Sulfuric acid gas H2SO4 to H2O+2O2+S and H2+2O2+S. Volcano lava/gas flow management for mining, self-build/seal-up to higher altitude cooler temperatures,cooling crust can reactivate core geodynamo convection to reactivate magnetic field shield to more cooling.
Planet with most usable energy/matter, with closest known environment conditions to Earth, same gravity, same temperature at 50-60km altitude, similar atmosphere components, same quantity of nitrogen, excess CO2, low oxygen/water, with source to upgrade is VENUS. Earth Ocean centered, for land clearance, Aqua-Ocean-City connected to Aero-Atmosphere-City to Geo-Space-City by Pyramid-Tower-Elevator, Molecular-Electric-Photonic weather control. Earth Aerocities duplicated and moved to Venus.
Green Global Incubator
Start-Up Art-Tech
University Campus
Earth-Venus-One Aero-Ship-Station